"That tortoise was no lady, I tell ya what!"

Military sources revealed today that the giant pink bunnies reported by drunks all around the world actually exist, and that they were able to bring on down outside the Officers Club at Fort Bragg with combined fire from a regimental combat team.

It was a long, hard-fought battle, but finally the good people of Lankershirehamptonville, England finally defeated the giant Easter Peep.

"Care for a mint?" "Nope. I couldn't eat another bite. I'm stuffed."

Easter Comes to Tunguska

Scientists have often wondered what killed off the giant fuzzy bunny rabbits that roamed the earth millions of years ago. Some say massive static cling, others claim that billions of evolving dust bunnies ate the food of the GFB's.* (Giant Fuzzy Bunnies}

Tonight on The Discover Science Channel: Ancient Aztec Mountain Carvings Finally Deciphered

"Do you get it now, silly rabbit? Trix are for kids! FOR KIDS!!!"

The Energizer Bunny on his day off...
o/' Show me the way to go hooooome...o/'

A Coke bottle I can see, but this? The gods must REALLY be crazy...

Hmmm, it's less impressive, knowing the giant crop symbols are being traced...

Scientists recently discovered the accident burial ground of Macy’s parade balloons.

It wasn't so much the accidental radiation poisoning and subsequent mutation into a giant-sized version of his former self that ultimately killed the Trix Rabbit, it was more his partying with all the giant hookers and bingeing on rotgut whiskey that did it.

"Scientists confirmed today that large, lab-grown rabbits, while quite furry and adorable as all get out, can NOT fly when thrown from aircraft. Squashing the myth that large rabbits are capable of flight."

The Air Force today reported that an experimental balloon went down in the Nevada desert. Reports of a huge floating rabbit, which have been coming into the local police departments, has been denied. Film at 11.

It seemed like a harmless enough experiment. You take a bowl of Trix cereal, bombard it with radiation, and leave it out in the forest. Who could have known?

"Once Pink Floyd sat on the WALL,
And then Pink Floyd had a bad fall.
All the King's horses and all the King's men,
Noted that Pink Floyd's smashed remains resembled a bunny rabbit."

Silly rabbit! Nazca Lines are for Incas!

Looks like aliens are getting lazy with their crop circles.

Each year, at Easter, worshippers and the curious all flock to the ancient, mysterious site known as Rabbithenge for ritual prayers, eggs and chocolate.

This is what the average, moronic, anti-progress British person thinks Genetically Modified crops will lead to - giant mutant rabbits that must be taken out by artillery.

Wow, the Nazca lines DO make sense when seen from the air!

The Trix Rabbit's fight with Godzilla had to be postponed after the Rabbit suffered an injury in a para-gliding accident.

Pablo and his compadres eventually grew rich from the discovery of the giant, dead rabbit by utilizing his fur to make fuzzy pink bunny slippers for every man, woman and child in all of South America.

MS can strike anytime, anywhere.
Please give so we can find a cure.

"Which are we doing next after the Easter Bunny, the tarantula or the monkey?"

The mystery of Peru's plains of Nazca is at last revealed.

"In other news, an explosion at the Peep factory has caused widespread marshmallow fluff..."

(AP Los Angeles) Energizer Bunny "Drops Out" after taking a course in existentialism at UCLA. According to one source, he is quoted as saying, "It just doesn't seem to matter whether I'm going and going or just looking up at the sky, pondering the universe with my friend Cymbal Monkey. I've got some things to figure out."

"Adding insult to injury, was the Guatemalan governments' lame attempt at cheering up the families of the mudslide victims. (Oooh... too soon????)"

"Because hallucinating pink elephants is so 1955."

"In further news today and as a sign of the times, the Tortoise today slit the Rabbit's side open leaving him to die to ensure his win. He has been arrested and awaits arraignment on first degree murder charges. One rabbit observer interviewed at the scene recalled a time when perseverance was all it took to succeed. He also commented about back stabbers and rest areas on trails not being the best place to sleep. Film at eleven."

Hold your ears, the 100 ft. toddler's going to cry.