Updated -- 05/15/09
~ IT'S ~
well, just my caption
gallery, actually...

Okay, it's simple, really.
Click on the appropriate button to get to the gallery you
want to check out. Be warned, some of these captions
contain some naughty bits and words. So don't blame me
if you read them anyway and get offended.
Now start clickin', pink boy!

Now Containing Captions From:
GersonK's Inventing Solutions,
GlitterRock's Cap-Page Board,
Jazzsoda and Hippie's Hipsoda's Caption Crack

*** NOTE: I still reserve the right to correct minor spelling errors and whatnot if I so desire, but as for censoring stuff, well, for the most part, screw it. I probably won't change it, unless it was already censored by someone else. ***