Take captions provided by talented "cappers", stick 'em under the screengrabs provided by the fine folks listed below, and you've gotcherself some darned funny stuff! If you think you've got what it takes to pop a cap in a screengrab's hinder, head on over to one of these sites and get crackin'!

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SPEAKING of cappers, a great lot of them have their own websites and blogs and whatnot, and I believe they deserve links on my site. Okay, so they deserve _better_ than that, but I'm going to include links to some of their pages anyway! A * means this person has included his/her own gallery of the best of (the now defunct) Caption This!, Inventing Situations, the Cap-Page Board, and/or Hipsoda's. Anyhoo, just click on the name and be magically whisked away to a site far better than this one.

NOTICE: I've taken out links that no longer work. If one of those links was to your site, send me an E-MAIL with the new site address, and I'll put a link back in.
You know, in a year or two from now when I update my site again. And, if you're a capper whose site or blog never has been linked here, I'd be glad to add your site
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